JUNE 2020 

Big changes on the horizon

If there's one thing that's been exposed during the corona crisis, its the disproportionate risk which has been placed on promoters when it comes to booking artists for performances and all the costs associated with these.

In a recent memo by Live Nation, the company states how it aims to make several significant changes for concerts and festivals in 2021 shifting financial burdens more towards the artists.

Simultaneously, hopes for a more equally shared risk between promoters and agents/managers and the artists they represent have been echoed by several independent promoters during the past months as they seek to find ways to move forward in a more sustainable manner.

Another question has also been raised by industry commentator Bob Lefsetz on whether artists still need agents in times of worldwide promoters such as Live Nation and AEG. Undoubtedly some of the mega tours can be handled without the need for an agent as some of them are already today but the agent still has a significant role to play when it comes to negotiating the best possible deals with the promoters and in developing new acts through their knowledge of markets and suitable venues for artists at the various stages of their careers, not least for the clout they have with promoters allowing them to place acts at venues and festivals that their upcoming artists may otherwise not gain access to during the early stages of their careers.

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