Roskilde and other major Danish festivals cancelled
Most of the major Danish festivals have cancelled their summer editions after the government announced the new reopening terms.

First to be cancelled was Northside in Aarhus. Followed by Jelling Musikfestival, Nibe Festival, Copenhell, Tinderbox and now Roskilde Festival.

According to the new agreement from the Danish parliament there can be a maximum of only 2000 participants at festivals between 21 May and 1 August.

Northside, which is held in Eskelunden in Aarhus, had 35,000 guests in 2019.

-We had so sincerely hoped that we would not stand here again, and it is with the heaviest festival heart that we must announce that Northside 2021 has been cancelled, Northside writes on its website.

A statement from Roskilde Festival reads:

Finally, we received an official statement about this summer’s restrictions. As expected, we can’t conduct a Roskilde Festival this summer. Let us meet again in 2022.

We are devastated by the fact that we can’t get together at our festival and contribute to recreating the communities that the corona crisis has destroyed for so many.

The cancellation is very serious for the festival, for the charity society behind it and for our community. And it is serious for the artistic environments and the growth segments of culture.

But it will not be possible to gather 130,000 people at Roskilde Festival this summer.

But we will meet again in 2022. And our community is strong!

We can hardly even imagine how amazing it will be to reopen the festival at that time and meet again after such a long and sad absence.

If you have a ticket to the festival in 2021, you can transfer it to 2022. If you do not want to transfer your ticket, you can get a refund.

It will be an invaluable help for us if you choose to keep your ticket by transferring it to 2022. That way, you help us through this very difficult time.

We will get back to all ticket buyers as soon as possible with the exact circumstances of transfer and refund.

It is a huge relief that the politicians are helping this summer`s cancelled festivals with financial aid packages.

This aid is crucial for us. All our profits are donated in full to charitable work for children and young people, and we do not have large savings to draw on.

Although we have planned with great caution and financial responsibility, we need aid packages to get through another cancelled season. So, the prospect of support is incredibly important for our future.