Bencássim promoter plans summer concerts
This summer, The Music Republic, a Spanish concert and festival promoter that includes FIB, Arenal Sound, and Via Rock, introduced a concept for an event series.

The concerts will take place on Benicàssim`s tried-and-true festival grounds, right on Valencia`s coast, where large-scale festivals like FIB and Rototom usually take place.

According to its own admission, the Music Republic has completed more than 200 concerts in 2020 and plans to promote at least 500 live shows throughout Spain this summer.

They already announced the first six artists of Luce Benicàssim line-up, IZAL (July 17), Vanesa Martín (July 18), Raphael (July 23), Mónica Naranjo (July 24), Nathy Peluso (July 30) and Rozalén (July 31).

Organizers hope that the recent test concert in Barcelona, attended by 5,000 masked and tested people without any distancing, will produce the scientific results that the world of live entertainment is hoping for.

`People will be safer inside the venue than outside,` say the organizers of Spain`s largest test concert to date.

The capacity of The Music Republic`s summer concerts may increase significantly depending on the outcome. In any case, they will follow the government guidelines that are in effect at the time of the event.