New Canadian booking agency launched
Grant Paley and Nick Middleton have teamed up to form Midnight Agency, a new booking agency based in Canada.

The agency is focusing on increasing its artists` digital presence, live touring, Twitch partnerships, and streaming opportunities, and its clients include Twitch streamers such as JessU, Pyka, Guns, and The Funk Hunters.

Middleton will be the CEO, while Paley will be the president. Paley was previously employed by the Paquin Agency. Middleton owns and runs Westwood Recordings.

Paley, Grant “We are once again witnessing a major shift in the agency landscape - a return to boutique, independent, artist-focused companies charged with creating new opportunities in both the digital and live markets,” Middleton said in a statement. “We are proud to be the first new independent agency to launch in Canada since COVID-19 suspended live music. Midnight is about taking back control for our artists, building new revenue streams, and navigating the ever-changing demands of how to deliver art and shared music experiences in a post-COVID era.”

Paley added: “After many years working to just find the gigs, I felt compelled to create an agency where working with an artist to fulfill their vision was a top priority. I really missed being a creative person. Our roster at Midnight Agency represents some of the most forward thinking, diverse and technologically savvy individuals I’ve ever met. I look forward to pushing the boundaries with them and changing the way live music experiences integrate with today’s fast moving online platforms and strategies.”

Clients include Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, DJ Shub, The JB’s, The Funk Hunters, The Librarian, Dwayne Gretzky, Five Alarm Funk and more.

Pictured: Grant Paley and Nick Middleton