by:larm confirm acts for 2003 festival
Next year's by:larm is to take place in the old Viking town of Trondheim between 13th-16th February 2003. Trondheim is Norway’s 3rd largest city and a significant supplier of bands to the Norwegian music scene.

by:Larm is a Scandinavian Music business conference and festival that takes place in a new Norwegian city every year.

The last conferences have attracted a large number of international panelists, speakers, and delegates, mixed with some of the most influential local executives, movers, and shakers including Petri Lunden (Talent Trust), Tapio Korjus (Rockadillo), Martin Mills (Beggars Group UK), Martin Piers (NME/The Face), Allen Dixon (IFPI UK) etc.

Although the by:larm LIVE program is not expected to be completed until nearer Christmas, the following acts acts have already been confirmed:

Action Pilots, Alpine Those Myriads, Amund Maarud, Are, Audiopain, Barabass & The Happy Few, Bazooka Bopers, Beezewax, Brutal Kuk, Carpe Diem, Chicopato, Conjacks, Deflower, Dibidim, DJ Graft, Don Tomasso, El Corazon, Elia Ardiles, Elusive, Essence & hawk, Fence, Freakshow, Fuckface, Gods, Gothminister, Green Carnation, Hangover, Helldorado, Hellride, Honcho, Hopalong Knut, Hugo, Hvite Løgner, Ingi, Jester, Jim Stärk, Johndoe, Johnny Liban, Karin Park, Krace, Lowdown, Lumsk, Madder Mortem, Magenta, Mikkel, Miksha, Minor Majority, Mohammed, Muzzlewhite, Ost & Kjeks, Pekka Volt, Phy, Prosonic Session, Quintrophenia, Ranheim, Råtasseriet, Real Ones, Safariari, Schæfer, Seid, Serena Maneesh, Sgt. Petter, Silence the Foe, Sissy Wish, Skum Balax, Souvenir, Stonegard, Supervixen, Terraloid, The Carburetors, The Reilly Express, The Turns, The Uptowners, Thule, Tømmermenn, Tuna Laguna, Upstrokes and Wicked Vegard.

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